Chanting & Chocolate
Chanting & Chocolate 

Lorne and his teacher Rabbi Shefa Gold in Oregon in May 2011.

Lorne began leading monthly chant evenings in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, in 2004. He first encountered the joy and power of chant in 1973 in a mystical school called the Arica Institute. After experiencing a chant called "Ram in the Three Centres," he discovered the exquisite
stillness that follows chanting. It has been his doorway to inner quiet and connection ever since.

In 2004, Lorne entered a two-year training in chant leadership with Jewish chant master Rabbi Shefa Gold. He has led chanting in Uganda, Japan, Ukraine, the U.S. and Canada. In Vancouver, that has included Give Peace a Chant, Meditative Shabbats at Ahavat Olam Synagogue, "Chanting at the Gates" at Or Shalom Synagogue, his annual Chanting Seders, the Songs for the Soul concert at St. Andrews-Wesley and the Six-Day Peace Chant – both during the World Peace Forum.