Chanting & Chocolate
Chanting & Chocolate 

Sunday, August 25 in Vancouver and Sunday, September  1 in Ottawa

Chanting & Chocolate in Vancouver is on the last Sunday of the month, August 25, at Or Shalom, 710 East 10th Ave. at Fraser St. In Ottawa, it's on the first Sunday of the month at Or Haneshamah at the Unitarian Church, 30 Cleary, off Richmond – next on September 1.


In both locations, the event is from 7:30-9 p.m. And in both after the chanting you're invited to join us for tea and brownies.


$10 suggested donation in Vancouver and Ottawa. All proceeds help Ugandan orphans go to school.

Join us for uplifting, sacred chanting that helps clear your mind and open your heart. No prior knowledge of singing, chanting or Hebrew language is required. Lyric sheets are provided.

We are dedicated to offering sacred Hebrew chanting as a form of meditation and ecstatic prayer on the path of the heart. We share our music in the service of inspiration, devotion and community building. Drawing on the power of repeating ancient sacred phrases with beautiful melodies and deep intention, we create an experiential connection to the One.

The practice of chanting is a vehicle for prayer, healing and connection. The most powerful moment of the chant happens in the silence that follows. The chant inclines the mind toward a state of consciousness that can be accessed in that moment after the chant. Lorne's teacher, Rabbi Shefa Gold, says that we can "enter through the door of a chant into the depths and vast expanse of the silence."